Trexlab Technology has for the first time blended the Ancient Japanese Art of Origami with a new industrial process to form an entirely new category of patent pending meta material. Starting with what is known from the principles of Origami’s paper folding techniques and qualities, Trexlab has developed a series of methods for rubberizing Origami structures yielding incredibly resilient new forms and functions. The combination of industrial processing and traditional folding is a new way to think about the technology and aesthetics of material development. The process, which is named OriMetric, is a computational method of digitalizing the folded pattern and casting it into thin polymer structures. Each pattern has unique characteristics and qualities and can be scaled to fit utilization.

Trexlab stands at the forefront of this exciting new field of tech fabrics. We're seeking partners in various industries in an effort to explore the potential for OriMetric in sporting equipment, medical stress relief, interior design and other industrial applications.


Frequent asked questions 


what is rubberized origami?  

OriMetric is a parametric generated design which follows an intelligent pattern that allows the materialto inherent multiple functional qualities as shock absorption,  expanding and collapsable  wile always remembering its original shape. Thetechnical qualities the material also include sound absorption, a 3D form making quality allowing it to revolve around corners and be shaped round if desired.  Apart from the  technical qualities the material has a unique aesthetics to it making it ideal for visual concepts.


how is OriMetric made?

trex:lab are experimenting with new ways to produce the intelligent material, within the current processes are molding, die pressing and folding methods. We are always looking for new ways to manufacture OriMetric and are interested to hear from potential manufacturing partners. 


Is OriMetric made in different patterns?

Yes, every pattern has its own qualities and unique look to it. While some patterns are more intelligent, others are more decorative. measuring the intelligence of the material we are looking at its ability to shock absorb, expand or pack large amounts of material in to a small package. Wile some patterns are easier to manufacture than others this is ongoing research and prototyping. We have the capabilities to do custom pattern if desired too. 


where can i buy OriMetric?

The trex:lab rubber origami technology will be purchasable through selected product lines where its innovation is applied. trex:lab is focused on bringing a functional technology to the market that serves as an better solution of whats already existing . We are currently collaborating with companies in selected industries to bring the technology to best usage. 


does Trexlab collaborate ?

Yes, trex:lab's business approach is to collaborate with industry strong partners to implement the OriMetric technology in best possible scenario. Wile we are focused on the research and the development of the OriMetric technology at trex:lab we see a wide range of utilities in multiple industries we are looking for partners in. One of OriMetric's qualities is its computational parametric design, which allows for high customization and product adaptability.


what can I use OriMetric for?

OriMetric is currently being tested within protective wear for its shock adsorbing and cushioning qualities and in architecture and interior design for its sound absorbing and visual effects. We are exploring other product areas collaborating with partners in various industries.


has OriMetric been done before?

To our knowledge rubberizing origami has never been pursued as a commercial product or as a material, maybe because of the high production costs involved in molding and casting. While  origami in light metals and in textiles has been explored widely as a lightweight structural material. Since 2014 Mads Hansen has been patent pending with a utility patent on rubberized origami covering the process of making it, the material properties and the functional qualities.


can I get a sample? 

Yes, OriMetric will be offering samples for companies and potential partner. Too, the material will be purchasable for designers and hobbyist later.