Trexlab is collaborating with leading material experts and professionals to explore, develop and enable the opportunities within Orimetric.


GERMANY - Karsten Bleymehl, materials and process technology expert

Karsten is a well-known Material Scout and expert for material and technology selection in product development. He has a degree in Product Design and qualification as Industrial Mechanic. He was part of the team that built up Material ConneXion in Germany. In 2013 he founded MRC – Materials Research & Consulting. Based in Cologne, Germany, he consultants companies in developing innovative and sustainable material solutions. He already managed more than 100 national and international R&D projects for customers from more than 20 sectors.

USA and WORLD - Mads Jeppe Hansen, inventor and founder

Mads has two degrees in Industrial Design from the Royal Danish School of Design in Copenhagen and a Masters degree from Pratt Institute in New York. Mads' work with OriMetric has been a process of curiosity, product development and the love for design and materials. After discovering a new way of utilizing the intelligence of crease patterns through polymer materials  Mads has been fully devoted to develop and refine the product for commercial usage. 


Pratt DAHRC Research Center

Pratt Institute DAHRC (Digital Arts and Humanities Research Center) is an interdisciplinary research center. Pratt DAHRC seeks to match innovative ideas with suitable individuals and organizations by promoting ideal connections between students, faculty, alumni, and external collaborators, organizations, and sponsors.