The prototypes are architectural scaled models that use the OriMetric materials unique self-supportive ability and movability. The prototypes show a diverse movement, but without imitating it or confining it. Each prototype is a fragmented statement of time, matter & space and the material together with the participant are the ones who are producing it

Spectators must not only redefine their relationship to the space that immediately envelops them, they must also reconfigure their sense of the horizontal and the vertical. As they walk, they mark the countless possible horizontal trajectories through this space. They stand, and thereby are implicated in the prototypes of the infinite that surrounds them. They find themselves as existential centres in a microcosmos where no centre is possible, and they feel their subjectivity at once exalted and dissolved. As a participant you will find yourself constantly producing and manufactured in sheets and projections. It becomes like a new terrain, but a terrain that cannot be territorialized, as it never remains the same.

Trex the installation2.jpg